Schiavello was engaged for the interior construction and facilities upgrade of the 7,000 square metre space, which includes an altitude training room, players lounge, sports medicine facility, gym, Spotted Gum basketball court, administration and management spaces, and a mezzanine floor housing a new altitude training room and gym area. Further, Schiavello constructed new communal shower blocks, change rooms, coach areas, amenities, conducted lift works and more.

Ensuring the sporting facility remained operational throughout the entire project was of paramount importance to the football department. Temporary training and staff areas were set up during construction, and new hot and cold hydrotherapy pools were set up as an alternative to the club’s existing facilities that were upgraded during the course of the works.

The construction of the sporting facility’s new mezzanine level posed a challenge due to latent ground conditions. The facility was previously inhabited by a swimming pool built for the 1956 Summer Olympics and subsequently covered by a basketball court. The ground conditions underneath were unknown and inaccessible until well into the project, posing a significant risk to the construction program for the mezzanine structure.  Schiavello helped the team overcome this challenge by undertaking preliminary testing and by being quick to implement design changes that resulted from the required re-engineering efforts.

An additional challenge to the works was the limited access to the main gym area, due to the narrow door and passageway adjacent to the main lap pool.  Due to the nature of the structural works required for the mezzanine, Schiavello needed to construct a temporary bridge over the pool to allow access to the necessary plant, equipment and materials.

With local manufacturing capabilities and integrated furniture solutions, Schiavello offered seamless manufacturing of joinery elements, as well as workplace furniture to support 52 administrative offices. Schiavello’s Centric workstations with System 45 panels met the designers functional and aesthetic requirements, and custom storage units, pedestals and Humanscale M2 monitor arms complimented the range.

It was the tight program and high level of collaboration between Schiavello and all parties involved, including design firms Croxon Ramsay and Peddle Thorp Interior Design, and project manager Coffey Projects, which enabled Schiavello to support and work around an array of moving parts that kept the sporting facility alive during the football season and beyond.