In today’s fast paced and highly competitive property market, new benchmarks in building performance, comfort and amenities are regularly being set. Schiavello has built a national team of trusted construction specialists who understand the importance of working with clients and consultants to identify strategies for effective and efficient asset revitalisation.

Our scope of work often requires us to work in live environments; we have the expertise to ensure that businesses and adjoining tenants are not interrupted and people moving within the public spaces are not exposed to safety hazards or inconveniences.

A trusted partner, Schiavello has a successful history of delivering upgrades to:

  • Building envelope; roof & façade
  • Public circulation areas;  lobby’s, bathrooms, cafes, car parks, corridors, public stairs
  • Vertical transportation; lifts, escalators
  • Building services; mechanical, electrical/ communications, hydraulic, fire, security, BMS [building management system] up to the point of tenancy
  • General compliance to Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • HAZMAT reports and compliance; removal of hazardous materials
  • Safety, access, disability solutions
  • Acoustics evaluations and upgrades
  • Sustainability;  NABERS, brown to green transformation, energy efficiencies
  • Technology; preparation for AV and teleconferencing up to the point of tenancy
  • Signage; way finding systems and displays
  • Make goods; strip out of outgoing tenancy and return to base building condition