When a space becomes a place, it conjures a sense of belonging, identity and memories. The deep connection between people and places gives greater meaning to what we do as a builder.

Now, more than ever, we have a greater appreciation for these places.

A workspace is a place for people to fuel their aspirations. A café is a place for social connectedness. A sporting stadium is a place for cultivating community spirit. A school is place to quench our thirst for knowledge.

The significance beyond function is not lost on us from design to construction. In this series, we delve into our creations where the physical form imprints on our sense of place.

schiavello construction design timber sense of place

Timber Series

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Earthy elements provide visual continuity and evoke feelings of tranquillity. Projects featured:

Pan Pacific Hotel

Rider Boulevard Lobby

7 Eleven Office

Prima Tower Apartment

Clocks Bar

schiavello construction design staircase sense of place

Staircase Series

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Enticing connectivity, interactivity and setting the pace for physicality. Projects featured:

Video Gamer Office

Electra House


schiavello construction design heritage sense of place

Heritage Series

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Enriching our landscape with the marriage of old and new. Projects featured:

Ovolo Hotel

Electra House

Garden State Hotel

RMIT Oxford Scholar

Featured Projects