Schiavello understands that when we build a learning space, we are not only building a physical space but contributing to a culture; one of community, knowledge-sharing and transparency, much like the client relationships we choose to foster.

We recognise the diversity of environments that exist in educational institutions; from libraries to laboratories, lecture theatres to tutorial rooms, cafeterias to fitness centres and retail space. It is the ability to consider the dynamics of how students and faculty engage and move between these distinctive yet interconnected spaces that we are passionate about.

It requires multi-stakeholder collaboration, an intimate understanding of the purpose and dynamics of each space, recognition of the performance needs and therefore appropriate selection of materials, finishes, furniture and fittings that will keep these spaces working at an optimal level from generation to generation.

We also acknowledge and accept our responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy environment as we create, demolish or rebuild live environments such as busy university campuses or sub-tertiary institutions.